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2280 Zlatan Ibrahimovich The big, great one - the chant isn't the greatest though sorry Playlist
2328 Sweden! Claps Variation on the theme Playlist
3123 Oi Oi Oi Simple sounds from the terraces Playlist
3387 Sweden! Makes a great ringtone for a Swedish football supporter Playlist
3436 In With The Ball In The Goal What we want Playlist
3595 We Are All Swedish Fans Course we are! Playlist
3973 We Love Sweden Of course we do Playlist
3997 Oh Oh Oh Oh! Playlist
4158 Stand Up We're Yellow And Blue Off your seats Playlist
4582 Go Sweden Go Yellow And Blue Fight fellers Playlist
4947 The Victory Is Ours We Won! Playlist
5093 Go Go Sweden Bit slurry here boys! Playlist
5582 Everyone Who Loves Sweden Clap now Playlist
5602 Sweden, Sweden A slower ringtone... Playlist
5783 Why Aren't You Singing? Sing! Playlist


typical swedish tomislavbrtan Manchester United Fri 26 Apr '13  · Re: Oi Oi Oi  ·  Flag  ·  Reply
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